Thankful for His Peace

16 02 2016

May God, the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13 GNT

So many people are in search of peace. They are looking to achieve even a short time of being, that is absent the worry and anxiety that the world has to offer. They seek it in a lot of places and things. You can see the earnest effort being made throughout our society. We are so blessed today that God is our source of not only peace but our hope and joy. Our heavenly Father is faithful to provide the fruits of His Spirit as we put our trust in Him. He provides daily peace and even in the middle of the storm and in the difficult situations. His peace surpasses all understanding.

What a blessing it is to experience His peace. My prayer today and in the days to come is that God’s peace will abide in our hearts and minds. And that peace will be evident to those around us so that we can be an effective witness of blessed living through His son Jesus Christ.

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