I was an Apple Pie

25 02 2014

apple pieHow wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! Psalms 133:1

One of my first (and last) acting debuts was to play the “apple pie” role in my elementary school’s production of “Johnny Appleseed”.  It was conservatively a few decades ago, but I had forgotten all about this chapter of my life until recently.  In wishing a childhood friend happy birthday, I discovered a picture on social media with me in my apple pie costume and the whole class cast.  Viewing the picture, transported me back in time to my elementary school auditorium and the crazy costume that I wore to tout the many contributions of Mr. Appleseed to our country.  I laughed as I looked at the familiar but now distant faces of friends that I walked to school with or ate lunch with or simply shared a classroom with over the seven years I spent there.  I remarkably remembered everyone’s name in the picture and had some estimate of where our childhood houses stood.  I remember nicknames, some family history but most of all the strong sense of community that I shared with them.  It was seven blocks from my school to my house.  I can recall crossing street names and Mr. Bell who served as a community crossing guard.  I remember houses that had a yellow and green “H” in the window that stood for helping hand.  These were safe places were students could stop and get help if needed.  It was truly a community.  I am thankful for these memories and for the person who posted the picture online.  It was a reminder of a blessed upbringing and motivation to learn about the neighbors in my present community.