Making it Right

25 02 2016


So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up. Romans 14:19

Sometimes we do things we don’t mean and it may have unintended consequences. A harsh word, a hurried response or a big misunderstanding may create distance between us and others. It may be with a total stranger or with someone that is dear to our hearts. Maintaining or nurturing relationships requires effort and at times hard work to create or restore a relationship that is worth having. The Bible explains the first step of going to someone privately when we experience a problem in a relationship. It describes the subsequent steps of reconciliation depending on the response received. I believe that the Lord provides this critical guidance because He has called us not only to get along but to love one another. Mutual understanding and respect sets the foundation for love. Wherever we find ourselves today, we can spend some time considering where we are with our relationships. Even if we are at a loss to how to get things pointed toward reconciliation, I am thankful to God that the Holy Spirit can provide direction about what to do when we need it.

 Dear Heavenly Father –

We thank you for this day and each blessing that it holds. We thank you God for the blessing of friendships and family. We ask now that you would provide guidance regarding the relationships in our lives and show us where we need to make things right. With you leading and direction, you can help us to nurture and reconcile our relationships to reflect your love in us. We thank you God for these blessings.

In Jesus’ name –  Amen



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