Did We

27 07 2015

DSC_1054When it is night and we look back on today,  Did we praise GOD spontaneously?

Did we make any enemies knowingly?

Did we ponder on how we could help someone in distress?

Did we help anyone perspire any less?

Did we take stock of our life, reducing material things to mere dust?

Did we add warmth and peace where there was coldness and fuss?

Did we cause someone to smile or laugh to joyous tears?

Did we prepare for our own death without any fears?

Did we inspire anyone to do good like we knew they should?

Did we paint a picture of Christ who for everyone he stood?

Did we shine the light of Christ to help someone see?

Again, did we praise GOD spontaneously?  

by W. Clark.

Please visit www.god4good.com for more inspirations from W. Clark.



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