On Purpose

1 05 2015

Yellow TulipsTeach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

During childhood, the days we have ahead seem as infinite as the leaves on a tall oak tree. Hopefully, this time is spent learning, developing and maturing into the individuals God crafted us to be. As we get older we begin to realize how God’s gift of another day is precious. For some of us it takes the experience of aging, illness or even the loss of a loved one to bring the value of our time on Earth into focus.

Our society is full of distraction that keeps us away from things that bring meaning to our lives. We may drift from one thing to another without real direction or authority of over our daily living. It takes a conscious effort on our part for us to live according to God’s individual purpose and calling. While it is easy to allow things that simply don’t matter to consume our time and resources, we can make the most of the opportunities God gives to us. We can live with a grateful heart. We can show love in our words and actions.   We can demonstrate forgiveness and mercy. We can honor the gift of each day living on purpose.



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