Everlasting Love

5 03 2015

Shadows and LightBut from everlasting to everlasting, the Lord’s mercy is on those who fear him.

His righteousness belongs to their children and grandchildren,

to those who are faithful to his promise, 

to those who remember to follow his guiding principles.

Psalms 103:17-18 GWT

God’s love for us extends to us now and well into the future. His righteousness is available to us and will be a blessing to our families for generations to come. Many of us are benefiting from generational blessings that extend from our family members who have gone before us living for the Lord. I think of the legacy of my parents and grandparents and their parents who have established a foundation of faith that we can continue to build on. I am hoping that my generation of parents will continue to bestow a legacy of faith based on the knowledge and reverence of God’s word and that our children will be able to share His light throughout the world. It is a tremendous gift to know that our blessings of faith can be extended to our children and our children’s children through our life of faith and their acceptance of His promise.

Dear Father –

We thank You for this day which is filled with Your promise to be with us each step of the way. We are grateful for the blessing of family and for those who came before us putting their full faith in You. We thank You for your continued guidance by Your Holy Spirit to be examples of faith and righteousness before our families. We thank You for answered prayer concerning the lives of our children and our grandchildren. We pray for open hearts and minds for the gift of salvation and a blessed life in You. We are so thankful for Your love which extends from everlasting to everlasting.

In Jesus powerful Name,




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