More of You

7 01 2015

DSC03198He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.   John 3:30

I want my life to reflect more of Jesus Christ.   I need more of His love, His peace, His compassion, His mercy to be evident in who I am, my living and my witness.  He is the Holy One, who gave His life for our sins.  He walked this earth as a living example of God’s love.  His Holy Word is available to us to read and learn more about living according to His will.  As His children, we should reflect His image.  Our actions should resemble Him.  Our words, our attitudes, our way of living should reflect the Savior.  I have some work to do and maybe you do too.  I am thankful for another opportunity to keep pressing toward His will and His purpose for our lives.



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