Let It Go

18 11 2014

joyful walkLet not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. John 14:1

Our hearts and souls are constructed to be vessels of faith, peace and love. The  Lord made us so that even during disappointment and hurt feelings we could clear away bitterness and unforgiveness. Routine events of daily living open the door to interactions that give us a choice of harboring things in our heart or dealing with it to let it go. People are always imperfect and may be a source of disappointment but our trust is in God. Letting go of the hurt, the stored up offenses and resentment  gives us space in our hearts to welcome what God has for us. Letting go is essential for our hearts to be healthy and whole. We want to make room for the gifts of His Holy Spirit to take residence in our hearts and minds and emanate out through our words and our deeds. We want to make room in our hearts for His peace, His joy and His love. We can start our spiritual spring cleaning early and let it go.



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