Strong and Brave

6 11 2014

DSCF0778Be strong and •brave [courageous; resolute]. Be •sure [careful] to obey all the •teachings [law] my servant Moses •gave [commanded] you. If you •follow them exactly [do not turn from it to the right or to the left], you will be successful in everything you do. Joshua 1:7 EXB

Brave. Courageous. Resolute. Each of these words is a vivid attribute for Joshua to embrace as He faced leading God’s people after the death of Moses. Joshua was called to be strong and brave, disciplined and careful to follow God’s commandments. Success was promised if He was able to follow God’s leading on the path ahead. This was Joshua’s calling and at some level all of us are called to be both strong and courageous. We need to be strong, even when we are tempted to be weak or afraid. We may be called to step out on faith to do things that we could not have imagined. But when God is calling and leading, we must gather all the strength, we can muster to take the next step. Moving forward, we can be careful to listen for His voice and His direction. He promised to be with us each step of the way. We will be diligent and faithful to follow His Word that provides His wisdom and His will for our lives. With the Lord’s leading, we can be strong and brave.



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