A New Season

6 10 2014

Backyard Fall BloomThere is a special time for everything. There is a time for everything that happens under heaven. There is a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pick what is planted. Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

At one time, I had a large Maple tree in my backyard. It was more expansive in width than it was tall with limbs and branches that made a beautiful display of God’s creativity throughout the year. It gave me hints of the upcoming season. As we transition from summer to autumn, sometime in late August or September, I could usually spot one leaf that had traded its green color for red or yellow. It was a sure sign to me that we were soon to feel cooler weather and that a new season was upon us.

New seasons in nature or new seasons in our walk with the Lord are a blessing. As the seasons change, we can anticipate different experiences, different opportunities for growth, maturity and blessings as God’s children. I am thankful that a new season is upon us. It is natural and spiritual time of harvest. We can look to see results from continual planting of seeds of faith, peace and love. We can experience the benefits from approaching our decisions with a yielded spirit to God’s will. We can see how God was moving on our behalf even when His favor and power were not visible with the naked eye throughout the season of planting. But in this new season, we can see his marvelous blessings in its entire splendor and we are thankful.



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