Clean Slate

15 04 2014



I’ll forever wipe the slate clean of their sins. Hebrews 10:17 MSG

I need a fresh start. I need a turned page to begin again. I don’t need to wallow in past shortcomings. I don’t need to rehearse past mistakes or missed opportunities. I need to recognize where I am and focus on moving forward. I am so thankful that the Lord provides new mercies each morning. We can ask for forgiveness and He is faithful to respond to our repentance. He creates a clean slate for us. Our sins are wiped away and we start with a new canvass. What a blessing to start anew and to begin again. We can say thank you for the day ahead and a new beginning. Today is a chance to listen with an open heart about His will for our lives. We can start with a clean slate ready to heed His voice and to follow his lead into my future.



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