Endless Love

12 12 2013


Then the winChristmas Wreathd blows on it, and it is gone—
no one s
ees it again.
But for those who honor the Lord, his love lasts forever,
and his goodness endures for all generations
of those who are true to his covenant
and who faithfully obey his commands.  Psalms 103:16-18


Christmas wreaths are familiar symbols of the holiday season.  Decorated evergreen wreaths formed in a circular shape have no beginning and have no end.  In the tradition of Christmas, wreaths represent God’s endless love for us.  They represent the consistent, unconditional, full complete unending love of God.  We will see many wreaths in the coming days.  Each one is a reminder of God and His eternal existence and His eternal love for us. Each sighting will be an opportunity to take a moment to remind ourselves that God loves us and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ for our sins. He loves us and seeks to be in relationship with us.  He loves us and He seeks for us to come close.  We thank God for the blessing of His love and for the Gift of Jesus.  We are thankful for the Christmas season that gives us a chance to celebrate the gift of His endless love for us. 

 Wreath imagesQ0ZCS1EO

The wind blows, and we are gone—
as though we had never been here.
But the love of the Lord remains forever

    with those who fear him.
His salvation extends to the children’s children
of those who are faithful to his covenant,
of those who obey his commandments!  Psalm 103:16-18



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