A Kneeling Stance

1 10 2013


Come, let us bow down in worship. Let us get down on our knees before the Lord Who made us.  Psalms 95:6

I heard a woman describe her approach to faith as maintaining a “kneeling stance”.    No matter what she was tasked to do or what circumstances were to arise, her heart approached life from a kneeling stance to God.  I imagine some of us may think of someone physically praying on their knees all day but I think she was describing something much different.  Her kneeling stance emanated from her heart and her love and reverence of God.  I imagine a heart in this position is yielded to His will and His ways.  This position recognizes God’s sovereignty and His power and His grace.  From this spiritual stance, one can experience His guidance and His transformative love.  A kneeling stance is a place of power in God’s presence.  It is a place of safety, peace and joy.  I learned that we can kneel both with our legs and our hearts, submitted to His will and experience the blessedness of being His child.



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