This Time and This Place

9 09 2013

cancun and miami 140

This day belongs to the Lord!  Let’s celebrate and be glad today. Psalm 118:24


Being fully present in the blessedness of now requires focus. This time and this moment will never come again.  Experiencing it with all of your senses is an opportunity.  It is a chance not to let it pass by without acknowledging God’s grace that has brought us to this time and place.  So many guided steps and unearned favor allow me to breathe in and out and to be conscious of His blessings.  The Lord is good to each of us.  His mercy, His love and His grace make this moment possible.  My heart is thankful.  My mind is clear that embracing now is my charge for today.  This is the day.  This is God’s day for me.  I am glad to experience it fully with a grateful heart and attitude of praise for this time and this place.



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