God-Size My Life

30 04 2013

Then the Lord answered me,

“Write the vision.

Make it clear on tablets

so that anyone can read it quickly.      Habakkuk 2:2

Falls dreamsWe live in a world where many things are super-sized.   Everything from large homes to fast food to huge containers of detergent is available in super -size portions. Our society places value on big things. As God’s Children, our aspirations and dreams should come to us God-sized. Our vision for every aspect of our lives should be lined up with what the Word of God says. When we visualize our family, health, finances, career and even our state of mind, it should be aligned with what the Bible says. The Lord has so many promises that are detailed in His Word. We often choose to settle for less than God’s best because our vision is aligned with what we think is possible. If we select a vision and write it down concerning the important aspects of our lives based on God’s Word, it would help us to move in faith toward a God-sized vision for our lives. I was encouraged by a minister who spoke about developing a vision for your life. She encouraged us to write down our God-sized vision for our lives. A vision that is based on God’s Word and requires His presence in our lives. What a powerful tool to have our vision before us based on God’s Word.



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