He is My Strength

11 04 2013

The Lord God is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.” Isaiah 12:2b NLT

DSC02708We can turn to the Lord when we need strength. He can renew our mind, spirit and bodies so that we can keep moving forward. With a renewed mind, the Lord can bless our thinking to be more effective on any task. I have been focused on moving my home of eighteen years, a place of peace and joy. So many blessed memories come with each box and the many items that I have been sorting through. I have made some progress but I could use a second wind this morning to face the tasks ahead. I am thanking God in advance for renewed strength and added joy for this day, this time and all that will be accomplished today. I am so thankful that we can ask the Lord for strength and all the blessings that follow. I will trust in Lord, He is my strength and my song for both you and for me.



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