All Praises

23 08 2012

The Lord has made the heavens his throne;

from there he rules over everything.

Praise the Lord, you angels,

you mighty ones who carry out his plans,

listening for each of his commands.

Yes, praise the Lord, you armies of angels

who serve him and do his will!

Praise the Lord, everything he has created,

everything in all his kingdom.

Let all that I am praise the Lord.

Psalm 103:19-22

Our creator is worthy of our praise. Some places in the world give me a vivid picture of God, His power and His faithfulness by witnessing His creations. It is hard to sit by any ocean and not think about the magnitude of the waves, its constant motion and its age and not think about the creator. Exploring the Grand Canyon makes it easy to wonder, what happened here to cause these great walls of seemingly timeless rock. And there are more common place wonders, like blooming flowers, rabbits in my backyard and the beautiful feathers of birds. All of these things when we consider their creation causes me to think about how Great is the Creator. We can be thankful to God for these blessings. And bless His Holy name with all of our Praise.



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