Too Short

15 08 2012

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom. Psalm 90:12

We often approach life as if we have an unlimited amount of time to live here on earth. When the difficult truth is that we do have a span of time that will eventually end to hopefully see Heaven. I received a jolting reminder this week with the loss of a friend. It was a jolt because I had not known how sick she had become. It was a jolt because I had a card in my bag that I had meant to send weeks ago. I thought what a loss to our circle of friends and to her family. She will be missed. I also thought what kind of person does not send even a card.

Earthly life is shorter than we imagine when we consider eternity. So the scripture today invites us to seek wisdom about how to best use our time here on earth. I am hoping to start by getting my priorities in order; making sure that I am doing the things that the Lord puts my hands to do; providing love and encouragement to people I meet along the path way; and doing the things that will not allow me to collect the baggage of hard feelings and unforgiveness along the way.  I am praying for more wisdom about how to use my time and energy during my time here.



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