A Plan in the Middle

23 07 2012

Six stone water jars were there. Each one held about one-half barrel of water. These water jars were used in the Jewish worship of washing.  Jesus said to the helpers, “Fill the jars with water.” They filled them to the top.

Then He said, “Take some out and give it to the head man who is caring for the people.” They took some to him. The head man tasted the water that had become wine. He did not know where it came from but the helpers who took it to him knew. He called the man who had just been married. The head man said to him, “Everyone puts out his best wine first. After people have had much to drink, he puts out the wine that is not so good. You have kept the good wine until now!”   John 2:1-10

You may be in the middle like me.  It is a time where we are standing on God’s Word for Peace, Patience and Protection.  While all the while providing praise to our Father who is so worthy. So as we continue to journey, we do have some specific things we can do – pray, stay in God’s presence as we follow His guidance.

I am so thankful for the Word ministry and the men and women who share God’s Word with us through sermons.  I experienced a blessing this week with a powerful message, where we were reminded to do whatever the Lord says.  This requires us to first ask God for direction and to listen closely to what He is asking us to do.  He may be instructing us to do something that is different than we ever imagined.  But just as Jesus performed a miracle turning the pots of water into wine that is what He is able to do with the situations in our lives.  Our God is great and has good plans in mind for each of us.  In the middle, we can count on God’s guidance and the victory as we seek to do His will.



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