Good Hope

14 06 2011

God our Father loved us and by his kindness gave us everlasting encouragement and good hope. Together with our Lord Jesus Christ, may he encourage and strengthen you to do and say everything that is good.   I Thessalonians 2:16 – 17 God’s (Word Translation)

As children of God, we can approach each day with good hope. We have so many things to be thankful for in our lives – grace, mercy and God’s everlasting encouragement. As we travel on life’s journey, we can walk with confidence that God loves us, there is a divine purpose for our lives and that our Father is available to help us along the way.

Dear Father-

I am encouraged to serve You and to
do Your will in my life. I have hope in my heart as I continue on my journey.
You are God our Father and I thank You for Your grace and love for me. I am so
thankful for the blessings of peace, joy and contentment along the way. I am
encouraged with each step to walk with You. Thank You for the blessing of the
journey. I am encouraged.




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