And it was Very Good

31 05 2011

Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!  Genesis 31:10

We may experience periods in our lives where we spend time reflecting over the things we have accomplished and evaluating our progress. Society provides a lot of measuring sticks based on their values of success, money and fame.  As people of faith, we have another set of values that is based on God’s Word.  I am not sure that God is interested in the things that we have, what we have achieved in the corporate ladder or who we know.  I believe God is more interested in our life and how we reflected love, faith and righteousness in everything we do.  I love that even our Heavenly Father – the Alpha and Omega – reviewed His work in creating the Earth.  I am asking God to show where and how I can do better in every aspect of my life.



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